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This webcam is located at Gaothan in Chembur, Mumbai

Mumbai is urbanised and noisy city but Gaothan is a very quiet and peaceful place in Chembur. In Gaothan area, there are beautiful and small houses as an ancestral property. Chembur Gaothan is one of the original villages established over 300 years ago.

The Gaothan now occupies 37,000 Sq. meters and has a population of about 2500 residents at a density of 675 persons per Hectore
Social Identity The Gaothan has a distinct identity, physical and socio-cultural. Most of the residents are descendants of the original settlers who established the settlement.
There is an attitude of helpfulness and co-operation toward each other. There are several mandals for different community and recreational objectives. we think Every tourist must visit this area. brings you the live view of the Mumbai being to develop the live webcam network in Mumbai. Which now publish webcams in Mumbai from various locations. Visitors from Mumbai, India as well as around the world can see real time live images of some of the Mumbai's most interesting places, monument, tourists spots, peoples life, Weather, traffic, events, sea beaches, and Mumbai’s Crowd. By streaming live webcams visitors can view what is happening in the Mumbai right now. Bombay was original name of Mumbai. Mumbai is a famous city is in India. Favorite choice of tourist people is Mumbai, because Bollywood, stock exchange, Chowpatty, Corporate houses and many things that make Mumbai a popular choice in travel related people.

Now install a live streaming webcam in chembur. There are many web cameras In India at various locations. Visitors from other countries search Indian webcams. This is only publish online webcams from Mumbai, Thane or navimumbai. Live stream web cam concept is new in India but in nearest future it will be very popular. Many webcam dealers or suppliers in Mumbai, provide service for establish web camera network.In Mumbai, webcam concept is known as type cctv. Cctvs, security cams, ip cams are installing in companies, Industries, Offices, shops, malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes, resorts and public spaces.

Google also display map with google street view and live web cams all over world. So now live web cam is becoming very familiar in google map and also in Google earth application.

Some facts about Chembur

• Chembur is a eastern suburb of Mumbai, India.
• A big The Bombay Presidency Golf Club is in Chembur.
• India’s First monorail is starting from Chembur
• Many open Spaces and Gardens are in Chembur
• Chembur is situated in-between two major highways –Mumbai Banglore and Mumbai Agra
• All type of Public Transport are available in Chembur, Like Best Bus ,State Transport, Local Train, Lokmanya tilak railway terminus(for long distance), Autorikshaw, Taxis or Private Buses
• Multi-product stores ,Shoppers stop and K star a shopping mall are in Chembur
• A large variety of food restaurants are in Chembur
• Huge Industries like Tata Electric company, Bharat Petroleum Refinery, Hindustan Petroleum Refinery are in Chembur.
• Bhabha Automic Research Center is in Chembur.

World of Web Cams

Well there goes a famous quote ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. One can say that web cam is a solution in support of same quote. Thanks to Google earth, many people are now aware of web cams installed at various places on globe. Same way, one can see different famous places of world where cams are installed via web sites like , , , , etc. In case you’ve seen any of these sites then you will agree with me that experience is like a virtual world tour.

In layman’s language, webcam is a digital camera which gets attached to the computer / laptop. Webcams which specifically get used for surveillance purposes & which can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet can be termed as IP Camera. It’s a digital camera based on internet protocol. Next you will say alright so what’s a big deal? I’m just an average person running small shop, restaurant, saloon or any other business. What’s in it for me? How can I leverage the benefits of these webcam technologies? How can I expand my business with installation of web cam at my site?

So let’s discuss how webcam will add value to your business. Consider you either own a small book store, garment outfits retail store, restaurant, flower shop, grocery shop, jewelry shop, stationary shop, clinic, insurance office, saloon or any other business. Today even for very large size stores like Wal-Mart, ratio of non-customers to customers is 87:13. So to capture more market share, it is very essential that more & more people be aware of your store. One of the best ways to install web cam is installing it outdoor facing entrance of your premises. Its focus area should cover the main entrance banner of your business premises. One should also take advantage of the automatic rotating & tilting features of webcam to cover neighborhood periodically. One should take help of experts during webcam installation as they have enough skills & experience. The main benefit which webcam installation at your site offers is that it makes your store, its ambience, its neighborhood, hospitality of your staff, your services, neatness & cleanliness visible to entire world at very low cost. Suddenly awareness about your organization gets created in mass no. of people. So it helps in capturing market of non-customers which may be 10,000 times more than your existing customers market.

What do you think where more people will go? Obviously at places where webcams are installed because it gives them the opportunity to have look & feel of what they will get before spending the money. A known dragon is better than unknown. They won’t mind spending bit more money rather than going to the place where they don’t know how the event will be. Same psychology applies in shopping, dining, taking personal services etc. People think on similar lines & you will end up with more customers by publishing webcam video of your organization’s entrance banner which is for sure.

Network cameras also known as IP cameras work much like traditional webcams, but they transmit their data via Ethernet or wireless connections. Network cameras quite often get used for closed-circuit security television; they also work well in high-end videoconferencing setups where an ordinary webcam performs badly. These cameras cost much more than most webcams and require a network connection to work properly. They commonly get employed for surveillance purpose. These cameras have built-in recording functionality and can thus record directly to digital storage devices like hard disk drives, flash drives or network attached storage.

Webcams are meant to provide ‘real time’ images that can be viewed live on a web page. Broadcasting can take two different forms based on how individual’s webcam is configured. It either works via streaming or using sampling. In streaming, images are downloaded in a constant stream. In sampling, images are captured at intervals & are regularly refreshed by the broadcaster.

Most of the people are aware of normal uses of Webcams for chatting, video conferencing, webinar etc. There is enough information available on internet for these uses. Here we will discuss about how businesses can leverage benefits by publishing or broadcasting features of webcam over web page. This form of webcam is more popularly known as CCTV or IP camera in Mumbai & other parts of India. Mumbai being the financial capital of India, many young entrepreneurs are adopting technologies quickly which can boost their business.

Earlier trends

Trend of IP camera started in U.S. few years back. U.S. Military, weather department, traffic department, security agencies, universities, event managers etc. were few of the early birds who implemented these technologies. Very quickly world started adopting this technology. When zoo like San Diego zoo installed webcams in cages of animals, hits on their web sites increased exponentially. Many animal lovers & kids want to explore their site on regular basis now. This also generated tremendous interest in various communities.
Installation of webcams at famous tourist places of U.S. started increasing at rapid rate. Same trend started being visible in rest of the world.


A webcam can also be used as security surveillance system. Using webcam or CCTV, parents can keep watch on their kids at home remotely from office or other locations. Web cams also provide security at home, stores, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, major public events etc. by extra vigilance. When anti social elements have attacked in Mumbai, India at Taj hotel, they were captured by CCTV cameras placed at Mumbai’s leading train station Shivaji Terminus. This helped Mumbai cops in providing evidence to the court later on against captured one. Same way in recent past, during Boston Marathon attacks, CCTV footage gave leading clues to the cops in identifying anti social elements as their movement in exiting the place was slow & without panic compared with other normal people who were shocked. Same way, there are many cases of theft, robbery etc. which were resolved due to CCTV footage. So you can say a web cam is a tiny most effective security guard one can think of.

Rescue for disaster

Web cam is invented by human beings to manage disaster situations. Many a times when building has caught fire, surveillance system of web cams can give clues in identifying safe area & making announcements accordingly to evacuate people. During flood situations web cam helps in seeing water logged on different routes, fallen trees etc. & more effective decisions can be taken based on this information. Webcam recorded videos during hurricanes, heavy snow falls, floods, tropical storms, forest fires etc. helps disaster management teams & people to learn about the situation more closely & take preventive measures in future.

Watching events

Well webcams are now making it possible to watch an Independence Day fire works event at different downtowns of U.S. on July 4th, New Orleans Mardi Gras event, Christmas tree at Rockefeller, New Year ball drop at Times Square, various parties on Thanks Giving, Halloween & Christmas celebrations. Also one can see the Ramadan activities at Mecca live thru the sites like . Other than festival events, one can see different sports events or activities via webcams. If you want to see what people do at skiing resort then that’s now possible as many of web cams are listed at Back in India, its possible to see live web cam coverage of events like Durga Puja, Ganpati Darshan during Ganpati festival, Diwali celebrations, Ram leela, Makar Sankranti, Janmashtmi, Holi, Eid, Republic day parade, Independence day speech of PM at red fort etc.

Learning life style of various types of people

Well one of the key advantages of visiting various web pages which are publishing live web cam from different places of world is that you get to see lifestyle of different classes of people. If you visit the Alaska’s web cam related pages then you can see the extreme weather condition in which people live. It gets dark at 4pm in evening & snow falls keep happening frequently. Same way if you will go to Amsterdam, Netherlands related web cams pages then you will get to see the pubs, water parks, beaches, palaces, zoos, roads, ports etc. You can see the civic sense of people in maintaining traffics laws in different countries. Compared to our country, people in other advanced countries are much disciplined in maintaining traffic laws. If you will see the webcam of Duval Street, Florida then you will notice that even during late night hours or early morning hours, people follow traffic light signals. People maintain traffic discipline & drive in lanes. They change the lanes or take turns by giving appropriate blinker signal. Webcam also helps in learning the dining habits of people of that country. Also one can see the dressing pattern of people of respective country. You will appreciate the neatness & cleanliness of their roads & tourist places. You will appreciate their culture & heritage. You can see the great architectures of their monuments & palaces. You can see what activities people do on their beaches. You will end up with lots of new ideas just by watching behaviors of different classes of people & things they are dealing with. Some cameras deployed at interior parts of country gives insight into country lifestyle of native people. If you visit Norway related web cams then you will get to see sea ports, boats, ships & houses built in Norway. You can visit King harry ferry cam page to see Fal river web cam views from U.K. (England). You can explore Tokyo’s mono rail by visiting their web cam page. You can visit flower shop of Switzerland, Temple bar of Ireland, Duval Street of Florida, St. Petersburg of Russia, Baikal Lake of Russia, Bruecken of Germany, Leopord railway station etc.

Managing traffic

CCTV or web cams get heavily used in monitoring & controlling traffic on roads in advanced countries like U.S., U.K., and Japan. Now this trend is even picking up in developing countries like India considering huge benefits in saving fuel & time of many people. Companies like Wipro has transportation command center at Pune. It manages cabs & buses every day for its employees. Each of their vehicle got GPS system. Command center can locate where their vehicles are & it is connected with drivers but missing part is that there is no way to see traffic on road by command center people. If traffic department of Pune installs IP cameras at key junctions of roads & publishes it on web page then Wipro can easily save lots of time of its thousands of employees by changing the routes on ad-hoc basis. This is just one company. Imagine how many more will get benefited. Government doesn’t have to do much. They just have to install webcams on roads & publish on web page. Remaining work will get done by admin department of private firms in choosing less traffic routes for their vehicles. So traffic on road will reduce on its own at very low cost.

Organizational uses

Webcams help educational institutions conduct distance-learning activities, help politicians to conduct their election campaigns & address large audience remotely. Web cam helps farmers in studying advance practices of agriculture from subject matter experts. Web camera can help businesses conduct meetings without expense of travel costs & taxing on valuable time of their employees.

Using a webcam to host video conferences is a both convenient and environmentally friendly option for business owners and employees. Web cam provides smooth and secure video conference nvironments. Presentations, Meetings, speeches & lectures can all be held remotely using webcam. Webcam assists in taking personal interviews of candidates placed at remote locations via video conference. So hiring options of an organization widens who uses web cam technologies effectively. It assists builder or real estate agents community to publish live video of their site under construction. So their customers or prospective customers can track the progress.

Weather monitoring

Considering the mass use of webcams for weather monitoring purpose, a special type of IP camera known as weather camera is designed. A weather camera is a fixed or movable (pan-and-tilt) device that points above the horizon on continuous basis. It has the ability to periodically upload images to a custom web page. Weather bureau maintains history data for statistical analysis. This gets used for weather forecasting purpose as well.

Keep an eye

When you will be out of town on holidays and you want to keep an eye on your house, web cam will help you with that. It can help you when you want to check on the baby sitter and make sure everything is OK while you are at work. If you just want to track activities of your dog in the back yard all day then that’s possible using web cam. I’ve a cousin in U.S. who stays alone. She puts her 1 year baby in chair with seat belts & turns on her web cam & gets her old parents from India connected in video conference. They keep a watch on the baby & plays with baby when she needs to complete her other house work.

Tracking animals of zoo

San Diego zoo keeps web cam inside the animal cages. Their live video streaming gets published on internet. One can visit their web site & see live activities of various animals. This offers a great attraction to kids & animal lovers. This acts as a bridge between human beings & animals. Kids love to watch cool things getting performed by various animals. Also one can learn more about animals in studying their eating & sleeping habits, mood changes, animal instincts, delivery of baby animal, feeding baby animals etc.

Expanding knowledge base

One of the main benefits of Web cams is that it helps in creating knowledge base in forms of pre-recorded electronic videos. Since it is in electronic form, so distributing it to mass amount of people using internet is very fast. Also one can refer to it multiple times in future whenever needed. This has boosted the learning abilities & skills of human beings greatly. Web cam helps in bringing people from different parts of the world together. It is not possible for every one to see different parts of world. Now one can see live snow fall happening at New York City by sitting at Mumbai. Using web cam one can virtually see remote places of world, one can establish contacts with different classes of people; learn remote cultures & traditions, see the dress attires followed by people from other countries etc. In short, web cam adds lots of new experiences in one’s life which was not possible earlier. Now world has become a global village in true sense due to web cam.

Medical surgery

Web cam has been a great blessing to medical field. There are many cases getting reported in news papers where complex surgery takes place under remote supervision from expert doctors. Expert doctors watch the live surgical operation remotely getting published via web cam & provide their advice real time to doctor-in-charge. Many lives got saved because of same.

Aid to Military & Police

The military is even using the online web cameras to allow troops to communicate with their families after they have been deployed to other countries. In Nagpur, India, rural police has introduced e-interrogation techniques, a unique method of interrogating criminals via a computer. The process involves questioning an accused person who is lodged in a police lock-up using a computer and a webcam.

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